Monday, December 05, 2005

A Story about a Penis *Bobbin and Weavin!*

A story about a penis and how I learned "Bobbin and Weavin"!
The first time I saw a penis was of course in the dirty magazines
that my brother and I had found in my dad's hidden stash
in the garage behind a box of Nails and Orange-off. He kept
them in an old milk crate. LOTS of them. 70's porn, hairy
bushes mostly, very little airbrushing, real women's
bodies, and a few cocks here and there.

But the first time I ever REALLY SAW a penis in the flesh,
was the eve of my Freshman Farewell dance. I was going with
a boy name Brian Jokovich, a fellow Serbian boy, who was
among my first crushes. He was my date for the dance and we
hooked up at a party that night, decided to go into the house
and make-out. He grabbed his package without me really
even knowing it, and put it in my hand! I GASPED! MY HEART
RACED! I PANICKED!! I didn't have a CLUE what the hell
to do with it, how to touch, how hard, what he wanted me to
do! So, without thought, I PUT IT IN MY MOUTH! Seemed like
the logical thing to do at the time.

Within seconds, there was this warm, salty, EXTREMEMLY-unexpected
taste in my mouth, pushing hard against the back of my throat!
GAGGIN ME! BLAH! I pulled that penis out of my mouth with
my hand in disgust, and as I was pulling my head up for a fresh
breath of air, I felt that same warm liquid shoot me RIGHT
IN THE EYE!! Still had the sperm in my mouth as it hit my eyeball,
I had no idea whether to spit or swallow! (I swallowed) FUCK!
Brian was happily pulling his pants back up and I am dying
as my eye was watering and the corners were starting to crust
shut! Man, if I only I had known, I could have been BOBBING
AND WEAVING that shit.

The time was ticking! My best friend's mom, who was
also my mom's best friend and fellow BIBLE STUDY BUDDY,
was going to be there any minute to pick us up~! I had to get
myself together. My eye is hurting and the makeup was smeared
from me trying to rub the sperm out of it, my hair was disarrayed
and my breath smelled of cheap beer and cum! I was running
out of the house, trying to maintain my cool and act as if
the most horrifying thing did NOT just happen to me, when
I finally found Colleen waiting by her mother's car
for me, Christian music blasting through the speakers.
Colleen asked if I was okay, and I explained everything
was fine. She looked at me with weariness in her eyes as she
reached up and pulled a big glob of what was the rest of the
wad Brian shot off, right out of my super-hold, hair-sprayed
bangs. She flicked it out of her hand, wiped her hand on her
jean shorts and pulled the front seat up for me to get into
the backseat of the car. She never mentioned that day again.
And I never got a chance to thank her.

That was the last day of my age of innocence. By the time of
the dance, word had spread throughout the whole school.
I was knows at the "BJ Girl" (brian jokovich/
blow job). Hey, the shoe fit and I wore it, and STILL I haven�t
learned to quit putting everything I touch into my damn
mouth ~ I guess I�ll never learn - but I am much better at Bobbin
and Weavin!

*Kisses* -=Julia=-


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